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Poetically Packaging Your Python Project

Manage your projects with Poetry to handle dependencies, envs, packaging, etc

It wasn't long ago that we Hackers were singing the praises of Pipenv: Python's seemingly superior dependency manager at the time. While we hold much love in hearts, sometimes there is love to go around. We just so happen to be fair weather fans, which reminds me: what has Pipenv done for me lately?

As you've probably guessed (considering its

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toddJan 15
Jan 08

Stitch's “Query Anywhere”: Executing Business Logic via Frontend

MongoDB Stitch vs the impossible: secure database queries via frontend JS

Some tools are simply the right tool for the job. I imagine this must have been the thinking behind the wave of JSON-like NoSQL databases at their peak, and even so today. If we figure we’ll be passing information as JSON to an endpoint, to then have it structured into a schema, only to be promptly broken down again

NoSQL Todd Birchard avatarTodd Birchard Todd Birchard avatar
toddJan 15
Nov 23

MongoDB Cloud: "Backend as a Service" with Atlas & Stitch

MongoDB's silent transformation from an open-source database to enterprise cloud provider

Unless you've been living under a rock (or only visit this site via work-related Google Searches, like most people) you've probably heard me drone on here and there about MongoDB Atlas and MongoDB Stitch. I even went so far as to hack together an awful workflow that somehow utilized Tableau as an ETL tool to feed JIRA information into Mongo.

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toddJan 15
Nov 15

Reselling AWS Load Balancing

Providing Cloud Load Balancing for your customers; My ultimatum

Let's say we have a hosting service for users who bring their own domain name. In this scenario we'd like to be able to service customers no matter who manages their DNS records. Be it GoDaddy, Namecheap, Google, Hostgator, some offshore place, etc.

At the same time, we'd also like to provide Load balancing so no one-user can overload any

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xodzJan 15
Nov 11

Building an API with Amazon's API Gateway

Building APIs: The final frontier of cool-stuff-to-do-in-AWS

In our last adventure, we ventured off to create our very own cloud database by using Amazon's RDS service. We've also briefly covered the general concept behind what Lambda functions. In case you've already forgotten, Lambdas are basically just chunks of code in the cloud; think of them as tiny virtual servers, which have already been configured (and locked down)


Deploy Isolated Applications with Google App Engine

Doing everything to avoid server configuration or any mild discomfort.

We've been on a bit of a tear lately on Google Cloud lately (or at least I have), and I have no desire to stop any time soon. I probably should though...  our analytics show that half our viewers are just people struggling to us AWS. Speaking of capitalizing on shitty UI, stay tuned in the future where we'll offer

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toddJan 15
Oct 25

MySQL, Google Cloud, and a REST API that Generates Itself

Deploy a MySQL database that auto-creates endpoints for itself.

It wasn’t too long ago that I haphazardly forced us down a journey of exploring Google Cloud’s cloud SQL service. The focus of this exploration was Google’s accompanying REST API for all of its cloud SQL instances. That API turned out to be a relatively disappointing administrative API which did little to extend the features you’d

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toddJan 15
Oct 23

Compile Frontend JavaScript with Babel and Gulp

Using ECMAScript functions on the frontend the quick and dirty way.

As you may have already deduced from the occasional glaring holes in my programming knowledge, I haven’t spent as much of my life programming than, well, anybody who haphazardly threw away an 8-year product management career. Apparently, a lot can happen in 8 years... especially when it comes to JavaScript.
Putting aside that whole server-side  NodeJS thing or whatever

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toddJan 15
Oct 06

Creating an AMI with HashiCorp Packer

HashiCorp's version control for infrastructure

Why use Packer? Infrastructure as code has become part of the buzzword bingo surrounding operational teams and their desired optimal workflows.

One could theoretically just start with a base AMI and manually update it and then re-save it as a new AMI, but this process is not repeatable.  We can check in our desired infrastructure states as code to version

DevOps David Aquino avatarDavid Aquino David Aquino avatar
davidJan 15
Oct 03

So You've Fucked up your Python Path

A timeless hazing ritual for new Python devs, and how to fix it

I remember back to when I first learned Python. It was a strange decision for a happily employed post-graduate to make, especially for a time when many were screaming for the death of the language with Guido's (outrageous?) grand reveal of Python 3.  The Ruby on Rails guys seemed to be doing just fine. Those were the days.

After weeks

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toddJan 15
Sep 12