Configuring server-side infrastructure, cloud architecture, and sometimes networking. Even automate your DevOps workflow with products from Hashicorp.

Using Amazon Redshift as your Data Warehouse

Get the most out of Redshift by performance tuning your cluster and learning how to query your data optimally.
Data Warehouses
12 min read
July 30

Fixing your NPM Installation

Fixing an npm installation gone wrong when 'sudo' is misused.
6 min read
May 06

Upgrading to JupyterLab on Ubuntu

Improve your Jupyter workflow with JupyterLab's powerful interface & customizations.
Data Science
4 min read
April 14

Serve Docker Containers With A Custom Domain and SSL

Do even less work to deploy your Docker apps to production.
4 min read
March 11

Running Jupyter Notebooks on a Ubuntu Server

Configuring a VPS from scratch to host Jupyter notebooks with Anaconda.
Data Science
5 min read
March 02

S3 File Management With The Boto3 Python SDK

Modify and manipulate thousands of files in your S3 (or DigitalOcean) Bucket.
13 min read
February 18

Easily Build GraphQL APIs with Prisma

Jump on the GraphQL Bandwagon with a little help from Prisma.
7 min read
February 03

Poetically Packaging Your Python Project

Manage your projects with Poetry to handle dependencies, envs, packaging, etc.
8 min read
January 08

Stitch's “Query Anywhere”: Executing Business Logic via Frontend

MongoDB Stitch vs the impossible: secure database queries via frontend JS.
7 min read
November 23

MongoDB Cloud: "Backend as a Service" with Atlas & Stitch

MongoDB's silent transformation from an open-source database to enterprise cloud provider.
10 min read
November 15