#Welcome to SQL

Welcome to SQL

If you feel like you’re late to the data party, we all are. The party has been going strong since the 70s: brush up on SQL syntax the old-fashioned way.

1: Welcome to SQL: Modifying Databases and Tables

Brush up on SQL fundamentals such as creating tables, schemas, and views.
10 min read

2: Welcome to SQL 2: Selecting, Updating, and Deleting Data

Explore the many flavors of SQL data manipulation in part 2 of our series.
7 min read

3: Welcome to SQL 3: Building Relations and Combining Data Sets

This week we look at the fun side of SQL where we JOIN tables and create UNIONs.
10 min read

4: Welcome to SQL 4: Aggregate Functions

Become more intimate with your data- use SQL's aggregate functions to explore the traits which make your data unique and beautiful.
7 min read