Ditch Stackoverflow and get a comfortable grasp on the most important language in data and software engineering. Suitable for those who are brand new to SQL, or engineers who have managed to squeak by with a limited knowledge of SQL (most of us, probably). Define database table schemas, write moderately complex queries to SELECT/UPDATE/DELETE data, and perform actions like JOINs and aggregates.

What You'll Learn

  • Defining tables from scratch with proper indexes and data types
  • Internalize everyday queries to select or modify data
  • Effectively designing tables to leverage foreign key relations
  • Execute and fully understand JOINs
  • Aggregate data to extract deeper meaning from SQL tables

For those who...

  • Are new to SQL or relational databases
  • Have mediocre knowledge of SQL and could benefit from filling the gaps
  • Have PHDs in statistics but think they can get by without knowing SQL