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Postgres as a Google Cloud Service

Deep Dive into Cloud SQL and its out-of-the-box API

Well folks, I have a confession to make. I've been maintaining an affair with two lovers. That's right; they're none other than Postgres, and Google Cloud. While such polygamy may be shunned by the masses, I believe that somehow, some

Google Cloud Author imageTodd Birchard Author imagetodd Aug 10

A Dirty Way of Cleaning Data (ft. Pandas & SQL)

Code Snippet Corner ft. Pandas & SQL

Warning The following is FANTASTICALLY not-secure.  Do not put this in a script that's going to be running unsupervised.  This is for interactive sessions where you're prototyping the data cleaning methods that you're going to use, and/or just manually

Pandas Author imageMatthew Alhonte Author imagematt Jul 16

Using PyMySQL: Python's MySQL Library

Lightweight Python library to interact with MySQL

It's almost Friday night, and the squad at H+S is ready to get cooking. Dim down the lights and slip into something more comfortable as we take you on this 100% organic flavor extravaganza. Tonight's menu? A Python MySQL

Python Author imageTodd Birchard Author imagetodd Jun 15

Accessing MySQL Externally

For those with self-hosted MySQL instances

In the previous post we got familiar with the basics of creating and navigating MySQL databases. The next most common thing to ask might be "great, but how can I use this in any meaningful way?"

MySQL installations

MySQL Author imageTodd Birchard Author imagetodd Apr 22

Setting up a MySQL Database on Ubuntu

Setting up MySQL the old-fashioned way: on a Linux server

As frameworks and services evolve to remove us further away from boilerplate code, the first casualty of saved time is the fundamental understanding of what we're actually doing sometimes. This has good reason; one can only learn so much from

MySQL Author imageTodd Birchard Author imagetodd Apr 17