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Broad JavaScript topics covering both frontend and NodeJS. Examples include task runners, Webpack, Frontend logic, etc.

MongoDB Cloud: "Backend as a Service" with Atlas & Stitch

MongoDB's silent transformation from an open-source database to enterprise cloud provider

Unless you've been living under a rock (or only visit this site via work-related Google Searches, like most people) you've probably heard me drone on here and there about MongoDB Atlas and MongoDB Stitch. I even went so far as

NoSQL Author imageTodd Birchard Author imagetodd Nov 15

Compile Frontend JavaScript with Babel and Gulp

Using ECMAScript functions on the frontend the quick and dirty way.

As you may have already deduced from the occasional glaring holes in my programming knowledge, I haven’t spent as much of my life programming than, well, anybody who haphazardly threw away an 8-year product management career. Apparently, a lot

JavaScript Author imageTodd Birchard Author imagetodd Oct 06

MongoDB Stitch Serverless Functions

A crash course in Mongo's undocumented cloud offering.

I've been finding my opinion of MongoDB Atlas and MongoDB Stitch wavering between two extremes lately. Sometimes I find ease of querying a cloud Database securely on the front-end to be a refreshing pleasure. Other times, such as when Mongo

NoSQL Author imageTodd Birchard Author imagetodd Aug 07

Upgrading to Gulp 4.0.0

Tackling the breking changes that come with Gulp 4

Back in the day we touched on some of the wonderful upsides of implementing Gulp into your workflow. If you have been following along and happened to install the latest version of Gulp, you may has noticed something horrible happen:

NodeJS Author imageTodd Birchard Author imagetodd Jun 28

Read/Write to Private S3 Buckets in NodeJS

On the off-chance you were wondering how to do this

We here at H+S are dedicated to one simple cause: creating posts about oddly specific programming scenarios. Somewhere in the world as sad soul is looking to programmatically access files from an S3 server while keeping their bucket private.

NodeJS Author imageTodd Birchard Author imagetodd Jun 22

Using Gulp to Make Frontend Tolerable

Automate tasks for production deployment such as compiling your CSS and JS

Alright fine, so maybe the whole obligatory-gulp-tutorial-on-some-coding-blog thing has become a bit cliché at this point. Hate all you want, but I 'll take all the traffic from keywords I can get at this point. Keywords such as Gulp, or

NodeJS Author imageTodd Birchard Author imagetodd May 30

Make API calls with JQuery AJAX

Consuming endpoints using frontend Javascript

Making apps kind of sucks if you're not interacting with data or APIs. The information age is over... we have all the information now. All of it. We're in a unique place in human history where we've somehow managed to

Frontend Author imageTodd Birchard Author imagetodd Apr 25