Dissect Tableau server and implement hacks to improve your workflow, or simply become familiar with the Tableau desktop user interface.

The Hostile Extraction of Tableau Server Data

Say no to proprietary software constraints. Say no to vendor lock. Say yes to freedom.
9 min read
January 17

Tableau's REST API: Turning Tableau into an ETL Pipeline GUI

Organizing a heist on Tableau Server to reclaim workbook data.
8 min read
December 29

Hacking Tableau to Handle ETL Workflows

Weaponizing APIs against tyrannical software.
4 min read
August 03

Hacking Your Tableau Linux Server

Cracking Tableau's master Postgres account.
7 min read
July 26

JIRA Analysis in Tableau

Utilizing Tableau Desktop to visualize data pulled from JIRA.
6 min read
May 27