Dive deep into Python's original MVC web application framework. Make your way past the arduous process of installing and setting up a live, working Django instance. Learn all the pieces needed to serve a meaningful web application such as routing, view creation, page templating, and serving frontend assets.

What You'll Learn

  • Installing a self-hosted Django instance on Ubuntu
  • Master Django's CLI to create and manage projects
  • Networking and database configurations required to run Django
  • Encapsulating large projects into Django "apps"
  • Create a dynamic app with dynamic URL routing
  • Serving static frontend assets
  • How to write views to handle actionable user input
  • The distinction of function-based views, class-based views, and model-driven views

For those who...

  • Have a basic understanding of Python
  • Write monolithic applications for enterprises
  • Have yet to realize the superiority of Flask