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Ryan Rosado

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World renowned DJ who got his start from being famous on the internet. Averages 3 headshots per second in daily life and pays for all and essentials in bitcoin.

Reselling AWS Load Balancing

Providing Cloud Load Balancing for your customers; My ultimatum

Let's say we have a hosting service for users who bring their own domain name. In this scenario we'd like to be able to service customers no matter who manages their DNS records. Be it GoDaddy, Namecheap, Google, Hostgator, some

AWS Author imageRyan Rosado Author imagexodz Nov 11

Weekend Worker #2 - Cert Renewals

Renewing LetsEncrypt Certs with Certbot

It's Sunday and you know what that means... time to catch up on work outside of work.

I recently used LetsEncrypt for the awesome temporary free SSL Certs they offer. In the last use I became familiar with and implemented

DevOps Author imageRyan Rosado Author imagexodz Jul 08

Weekend Worker #1

Implementing an automatic backup system

Hello and Welcome, this is the first installment of "Weekend Worker" series.

Today as a Weekend Worker i'll be implementing an automatic backup system to backup each individual client website.

We'll be using the following technologies:

  • Linux cron
DevOps Author imageRyan Rosado Author imagexodz Jun 24

Intro to my stories

Don't call it a comeback


This is an intro to what you can come to expect from me as an editor. I will post updates here on the latest technology I've implemented either for myself or clientele.


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