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Geographic Data Visualization with Mapbox

Visualizing Geodata with Mapbox's API and Tools

There's a trend among those using Jupyter Notebooks (or equivalent) which leads me to believe humanity is coming to an important realization: Google Maps, as an API is expensive.

Regardless if Google maps is embedded as a consumer-facing widget, or part of a routine data-pipeline, a single surge of high-traffic can leave enterprises with price tags in the hundreds of

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toddDec 15
Dec 11

Hacking and Hustling: Full User Auth Without Writing Code

Weasle your way through coding by exploiting freemium software

The midlife crisis is a striking phenomenon common and equally inescapable to all of us. I’m fairly certain I’ve come to a turning point in my life where I too must admit I will never be cool again. I know this because I check Product Hunt on a daily basis, and I thoroughly enjoy it.

I’d estimate


MySQL, Google Cloud, and a REST API that Generates Itself

Deploy a MySQL database that auto-creates endpoints for itself.

It wasn’t too long ago that I haphazardly forced us down a journey of exploring Google Cloud’s cloud SQL service. The focus of this exploration was Google’s accompanying REST API for all of its cloud SQL instances. That API turned out to be a relatively disappointing administrative API which did little to extend the features you’d

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toddDec 15
Oct 23