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Business Intelligence, otherwise known as "making nice reports for executives to ignore."

Hacking Tableau to Handle ETL Workflows

Weaponizing APIs against tyrannical software

Before we get into the specifics of how to sadistically abuse Tableau, let's clear the air: there's something about inaccessible, expensive, proprietary enterprise software that tends to put me in a touchy mood. As we know, B2B software pricing has

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Hacking Your Tableau Linux Server

Cracking Tableau's master Postgres account

Let's say you're a Data Scientist. Well maybe not a data scientist... I mean, those online data analysis courses were definitely worth it, and you'd made it this far without being quizzed on Bayesian linear regression. So maybe you're analyst

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Building our Kanban Board

Building a JIRA Board Widget, Pt 3

Welcome back! If you've checked out the projects section lately, you may have noticed something new. Go ahead, check it out. I'll wait here.

That's right, a real life Kanban board! This board has been created using nothing but front-end

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Taking Out the Trash

Dealing With Dirty Data Pt 2

In my last post, we explored the organizational structure of many large companies and how this pertains to one's duties as a fledgling data analyst. I highly recommend you go back and read the first post on "dirty"

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JIRA Analysis in Tableau

Building a JIRA Board Widget, Pt 1

Greetings to all my feathered friends upon this fine Memorial day weekend. Seeing as how you're here, it appears as though we have a lot in common. Namely, we've chosen to spend our three-day weekends on the internet, as opposed

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