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Reselling AWS Load Balancing

Providing Cloud Load Balancing for your customers; My ultimatum

Let's say we have a hosting service for users who bring their own domain name. In this scenario we'd like to be able to service customers no matter who manages their DNS records. Be it GoDaddy, Namecheap, Google, Hostgator, some offshore place, etc.

At the same time, we'd also like to provide Load balancing so no one-user can overload any

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xodzJan 15
Nov 11

Python-Lambda: The Essential Library for AWS Cloud Functions

Deploy AWS Lambda functions with ease with the help of a single Python library

In our series about building AWS APIs, we've covered a lot of ground around learning the AWS ecosystem. Now that we're all feeling a bit more comfortable, it may be time to let everybody in on the world's worst-kept secret: Almost nobody builds architecture by interacting with the AWS UI directly. There are plenty examples of how this is done,


Create a REST API Endpoint Using AWS Lambda

Use Python and MySQL to Build an Endpoint

Now that you know your way around API Gateway, you have the power to create vast collections of endpoints. If only we could get those endpoints to actually receive and return some stuff.

We'll create a GET function which will solve the common task of retrieving data from a database. The sequence will look something like:

  • Connect to the database

Building an API with Amazon's API Gateway

Building APIs: The final frontier of cool-stuff-to-do-in-AWS

In our last adventure, we ventured off to create our very own cloud database by using Amazon's RDS service. We've also briefly covered the general concept behind what Lambda functions. In case you've already forgotten, Lambdas are basically just chunks of code in the cloud; think of them as tiny virtual servers, which have already been configured (and locked down)


Creating an AMI with HashiCorp Packer

HashiCorp's version control for infrastructure

Why use Packer? Infrastructure as code has become part of the buzzword bingo surrounding operational teams and their desired optimal workflows.

One could theoretically just start with a base AMI and manually update it and then re-save it as a new AMI, but this process is not repeatable.  We can check in our desired infrastructure states as code to version

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davidJan 15
Oct 03

Read and Write to Private S3 Buckets in NodeJS

Node’s most popular package interacting with the most popular file store on the world’s most popular cloud.

We here at H+S are dedicated to one simple cause: creating posts about oddly specific programming scenarios. Somewhere in the world as sad soul is looking to programmatically access files from an S3 server while keeping their bucket private. To that person: we heard you.

There are plenty of reasons you'd want to access files in S3. For example,

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toddJan 15
Jun 22

Using Pandas with AWS Lambda Functions

Forcefully use the Pandas library in your AWS Lambda functions

In one corner we have Pandas: Python's beloved data analysis library. In the other, AWS: the unstoppable cloud provider we're obligated to use for all eternity. We should have know this day would come.

While not the prettiest workflow, uploaded Python package dependencies for usage in AWS Lambda is typically straightforward. We install the packages locally to a virtual env,


AWS Adventures: Why Can't I SSH Into My Damn EC2 Instance?

Watch as I struggle with the cloud! My pain, your gain!

Sometimes I find myself responsible for setting up and maintaining my own infrastructure for doing data stuff. In light of this, I've taken it upon myself to learn more about AWS in order for this experience to be less terrifying. I've been following a course on Udemy for the AWS Solutions Architect Certification. So far, so good.

Cut to the


Preparing your AWS Project to Build an API

Get familiar with AWS as we set the stage to make something awesome

There comes a surreal moment in nearly every profession in which perspective is violently forced into our own self-awareness. People with cooler jobs probably have that moment when they save their first patient, or launch their first rocket. For me, the idea of building an API was this moment in software development. All those past blackboxes which spat out results

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toddJan 15
May 06

MySQL on the Cloud with AWS RDS

Spinning up a standalone MySQL Database with Amazon

Last time we became familiar with the handiwork of setting up MySQL locally, navigating databases via command line, and exposing your database to external access. While badass, it has come to my attention that most people don't bother doing things this way. Unless you're getting deep into some heavy architecture, most people opt to use cloud services such as AWS

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toddJan 15
Apr 30