Enable your Python applications to execute concurrent code with asyncio: Python's most effective built-in library to execute I/O-bound tasks in a timely fashion (sorry threading, but you suck). Building apps/scripts using the base Asyncio library, as well as accompanying asyncio plugins that make writing async code in Python easy.

What You'll Learn

  • What concurrency/asynchronous code means in the context of Python.
  • Under-the-hood data structures and paradigms at work in Asyncio applications.
  • The project structure of building & running Asyncio applications.
  • Executing high volumes HTTP requests faster with aiohttp.
  • Writing to a file without blocking I/O with aiofiles.

For those who...

  • Have a solid understanding of Python.
  • Want to significantly improve the performance of scripts that manipulate data.
  • Are tired of flamewars between developers declaring that "Python is slow."