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PowerPivot 3: Managing the Data Model

Analyzing ginormous files with Microsoft PowerPivot.
5 min read
June 06

PowerPivot 2: What's the Deal with Delimiters?

Working with large flat files in PowerPivot.
6 min read
June 02

Power to the Pivot Redux: Enter PowerPivot

Dipping into Microsoft's PowerPivot add-on for Excel.
4 min read
May 25

Roll On Through: Create an Iterative List in Excel Without Any Real Coding

This isn't standard programming...THIS IS EXCEL!
3 min read
September 13

Dynamic Tension! Creating and Using Dynamic Named Ranges in Excel

Dynamically load data in smart pivot tables.
7 min read
September 01

Importing Excel Datetimes Into Pandas, Part II

Import dates & times from Excel .xlsx files into Pandas!

I Owe My Job to Mr. Robot

Entering the Dataverse.
8 min read
August 14

Importing Excel Datetimes Into Pandas, Part I

Pandas & Excel, Part 1.

Active-X Gonna Give it to Ya

Excel Named Ranges and the Active Xs who Love Them.
6 min read
August 10

Your Invitation to the Excel Pivot Party

Becoming well-versed in pivot tables to the point where it’s a problem.
4 min read
July 21