About the Squad

Friends, family, citizens of this good earth: seeing as how you’ve stumbled across this page, we can assume you must be an eccentric character, brave enough to venture off into vast corners of the internet. It seems we already have a lot in common.

Hackers and Slackers is a conservatory of data enthusiasts, each coming from one of the 4 pillars of Data: Engineering, Analysis, Architecture, and of course, Science. Regardless of respective backgrounds, we  value the samw things: technology, life itself, and improving the latter with the former.

We’re all students and teachers of data-for-good. We code as a means to an end. Some of us aren’t even developers, but we like to blow stuff up and make an impact. If we get to pick up a few programming languages in the process, that’s pretty rad too.

If you're somebody who likes to learn (and be casually badass), maybe you should join us.

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308 Posts Center of the Universe @MattAlhonte

Super villain in somebody's action hero movie. Experienced a radioactive freak accident at a young age, which rendered him part-snake and strangely adept at Python.

Product manager turned engineer with an ongoing identity crisis. Breaks everything before learning best practices. Completely normal and emotionally stable.

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20 Posts Down the block from a literal battleship

Former mental health professional who pulled the biggest career 180 in recent history. Currently crunches numbers using a very particular set of skills...namely creating data fires using digital twigs

World renowned DJ who got his start from being famous on the internet. Averages 3 headshots per second in daily life and pays for all and essentials in bitcoin.

Loves Python; loves pandas; leaves every project more Pythonic than he found it.

Spent years in the military to become a killing machine using only 2 CDJs. Automated all of life's inconveniences, including investments in the financial markets.