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Our global community is militantly open-source in creation and collaboration, resembling a human-driven antithesis to 600-dollar boot camps, paywalls, and barriers-to-entry, which collectively hold the technology industry's growth in a stranglehold. Hackers and Slackers is a collective of humans serving humans... so that we may perhaps one day build robots.

We’re all students and teachers of data-for-good. We code as a means to an end. Some of us aren’t even developers, but we like to blow stuff up and make an impact. If we pick up a few programming languages in the process, that’s pretty rad too.

If you like to learn (and be casually badass), maybe you should join us.


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Todd Birchard 125 Posts
New York City

Wasted youth as a Product Manager, enjoying life as a Lead Software Engineer. Happily retired from rapidly propping up doomed startups. Focused on creating meaningful work and relationships.

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Matthew Alhonte 22 Posts
Center of the Universe

Supervillain in somebody's action hero movie. Experienced a radioactive freak accident at a young age which rendered him part-snake and strangely adept at Python.

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Max Mileaf 21 Posts

Former shrink who pulled the biggest career 180 in recent history. Built and run a team specializing in hacking together digital fires in caves, with a bunch of scrap

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Ryan Rosado 3 Posts

World renowned DJ who got his start from being famous on the internet. Averages 3 headshots per second in daily life and pays for all and essentials in bitcoin.

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David Aquino 3 Posts

Spent years in the military to become a killing machine using only 2 CDJs. Automated all of life's inconveniences, including investments in the financial markets.

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Graham Beckley 2 Posts

Loves Python; loves Pandas; leaves every project more Pythonic than he found it.

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Madrid, Spain

Python coder who is still secretly in love with R. During the day, I am a Product Data Scientist. At night, I write about Data Science and Machine Learning topics.