#Build Flask Apps

Build Flask Apps

Create web applications and APIs with Python’s most popular framework. We cover everything from routing, database integrations, user accounts, and more.

1: Creating Your First Flask Application

After achieving market dominance, Flask is a Python framework impossible to avoid.
5 min read

2: Rendering Pages in Flask Using Jinja

Serve dynamic web pages in Flask by mastering Jinja: Flask's built-in HTML templating engine.
9 min read

3: Handling Forms in Flask with Flask-WTF

Learn to create form logic and templates in Flask with the Flask-WTForms library.
9 min read

4: The Art of Routing in Flask

Empower your Flask application to grow dynamically with intelligent routes and well-structured views.
11 min read

5: Configuring Your Flask App

Best practices on configuring Flask neatly and securely. Handle environment-specific configurations with ease and keep sensitive values out of your source code.
7 min read

6: Demystifying Flask’s Application Factory

Create a Flask app using the 'Application Factory' pattern. Learn what an application context is and how to build large-scale apps properly.
6 min read

7: Organizing Flask Apps with Blueprints

Structure your Flask app as a collection of modules. Use Flask Blueprints to organize your app by separation of concerns.
11 min read

8: Compiling and Serving Frontend Assets in Flask

Create and compile LESS, SASS, and JS files for your Flask app's frontend using Flask-Assets.
8 min read

9: Connect Flask to a Database with Flask-SQLAlchemy

Interact with a database within Flask using Flask-SQLAlchemy. Learn to create, fetch, and manage database records via SQLAlchemy ORM.
9 min read

10: Handle User Accounts & Authentication in Flask with Flask-Login

Create an interactive Flask application by supporting user accounts! Handle account creation, log-ins, walled content, and user-specific features.
15 min read

11: Managing Session Data with Flask-Session & Redis

Store temporary data generated during user sessions more efficiently. Integrate Redis with Flask-Session for a fast, reliable, cloud-based data store.
6 min read