Database configuration, building queries, and cloud hosting options for MySQL.

Welcome to SQL 4: Aggregate Functions

Become more intimate with your data- use SQL's aggregate functions to explore the traits which make your data unique and beautiful.
7 min read
March 14

Welcome to SQL 3: Building Relations and Combining Data Sets

This week we look at the fun side of SQL where we JOIN tables and create UNIONs.
10 min read
February 26

Welcome to SQL 2: Selecting, Updating, and Deleting Data

Explore the many flavors of SQL data manipulation in part 2 of our series.
7 min read
February 22

Welcome to SQL: Modifying Databases and Tables

Brush up on SQL fundamentals such as creating tables, schemas, and views.
10 min read
February 19

Create a REST API Endpoint Using AWS Lambda

Create an AWS Lambda function to pull records from a database.
4 min read
October 30

MySQL, Google Cloud, and a REST API that Generates Itself

Deploy a MySQL database that auto-creates endpoints for itself.
4 min read
October 23

Lynx Roundup, June 21st

Daily roundup of Data Science news around the industry, 6/21/2018.

Using PyMySQL: Python's MySQL Library

The lightweight Python library for interacting with MySQL.
6 min read
June 15

MySQL on the Cloud with AWS RDS

Spinning up a managed MySQL database instance with Amazon RDS.
5 min read
May 01

Accessing Self-Hosted MySQL Externally

Connecting to MySQL instances hosted on a VPS.
3 min read
April 22