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Reshaping Pandas DataFrames

A guide to DataFrame manipulation using groupby, melt, pivot tables, pivot, transpose, and stack.
12 min read
May 21

Structured Streaming in PySpark

Become familiar with building a structured stream in PySpark using the Databricks interface.
10 min read
May 14

Plotting Data With Seaborn and Pandas

Create beautiful data visualizations out-of-the-box with Python’s Seaborn.
Data Science
13 min read
April 29

Learning Apache Spark with PySpark & Databricks

Get started with Apache Spark in part 1 of our series, where we leverage Databricks and PySpark.
13 min read
April 26

Getting Started With Wagtail CMS

Setting up Wagtail CMS: The cleanest and friendliest CMS available for Django
5 min read
April 21

Upgrading to JupyterLab on Ubuntu

Improve your Jupyter workflow with JupyterLab's powerful interface & customizations.
Data Science
4 min read
April 14

Using Flask-Login to Handle User Accounts

Add user authentication to your Flask app with Flask-Login
13 min read
April 04

Building an ETL Pipeline: From JIRA to SQL

An example data pipeline which extracts data from the JIRA Cloud API and loads it to a SQL database.
Data Engineering
12 min read
March 28

Drawing Mapbox Route Objects via the Directions API

Using the Mapbox Directions API to visually draw routes.
Data Vis
5 min read
February 28

S3 File Management With The Boto3 Python SDK

Modify and manipulate thousands of files in your S3 (or DigitalOcean) Bucket.
13 min read
February 18