Complex Features in MongoDB Cloud: Add Image Tags with AI

Using functions, webhooks, and values to utilize external APIs.

Friends, family, and most importantly, strangers: I approach you today with a tale of renewed inspiration. After loudly broadcasting my own confusion and mediocre ability to actually implement an effective cloud via MongoDB Stitch, my ineptitude has been answered with an early Christmas gift.

My incessant complaining gained some acknowledgement from a couple of folks over at MongoDB. Perhaps the

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toddDec 16
Dec 14

Geographic Data Visualization with Mapbox

Visualizing Geodata with Mapbox's API and Tools

There's a trend among those using Jupyter Notebooks (or equivalent) which leads me to believe humanity is coming to an important realization: Google Maps, as an API is expensive.

Regardless if Google maps is embedded as a consumer-facing widget, or part of a routine data-pipeline, a single surge of high-traffic can leave enterprises with price tags in the hundreds of

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toddDec 16
Dec 11

Simplify Your Python Project Configuration

Using .ini, .yaml, or .env files to cleverly set project variables.

As we cling harder and harder to Dockerfiles, Kubernetes, or any modern preconfigured app environment, our dependency on billable boilerplate grows. Whether or not that is a problem is a conversation in itself. The longer I keep my projects self-hosted, the more  I'm consumed by the open-ended approaches people take to manage their project configuration variables.

Full disclosure here: this

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Nov 29