Psycopg2: Postgres & Python the Old Fashioned Way

Managing Postgres Database connections in Python with Psycopg2

Last time we met, we joyfully shared a little tirade about missing out on functionality provided to us by libraries such as SQLAlchemy, and the advantages of interacting with databases where ORMs are involved. I stand by that sentiment, but I’ll now directly contradict myself by sharing some tips on using vanilla Psycopg2 to interact with databases.

We never

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toddJan 15
Jan 15

Pythonic Database Management with SQLAlchemy

The iconic Python library for handling any conceivable database interaction.

Something we've taken for granted thus far on Hackers and Slackers is a library most data professionals have accepted as an undisputed standard: SQLAlchemy.

In the past, we've covered database connection management and querying using libraries such as PyMySQL and Psycopg2, both of which do an excellent job of interacting with databases just as we'd expect them to. The nature


Poetically Packaging Your Python Project

Manage your projects with Poetry to handle dependencies, envs, packaging, etc

It wasn't long ago that we Hackers were singing the praises of Pipenv: Python's seemingly superior dependency manager at the time. While we hold much love in hearts, sometimes there is love to go around. We just so happen to be fair weather fans, which reminds me: what has Pipenv done for me lately?

As you've probably guessed (considering its

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Jan 08

Using Redis to Store Information in Python Applications

A temporary data store for everything from session variables to chat queues

We're hacking into the new year strong over here at Hackers and Slackers, and we've got plenty of new gifts to play with in the process. Nevermind how Santa manages to fit physically non-existent SaaS products under the Christmas tree. We ask for abstract enterprise software every year, and this time we happened to get a little red box.


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