Building Java Projects with Gradle

Simply your Java projects by automating dependency resolution, testing, and more with Gradle.
8 min read
August 13

Using Amazon Redshift as your Data Warehouse

Get the most out of Redshift by performance tuning your cluster and learning how to query your data optimally.
Data Warehouses
12 min read
July 30

Constructing Database Queries with SQLAlchemy

Query your data models using SQLAlchemy's query API.
6 min read
July 14

Managing Relationships in SQLAlchemy Data Models

Using the SQLAlchemy ORM to build data models with meaningful relationships.
8 min read
July 11

Performing Macro Operations on PySpark DataFrames

Perform SQL-like joins and aggregations on your PySpark DataFrames.
7 min read
June 24

Side Projects Are A Good Idea

Side projects are a good idea but make sure to do the day job.
2 min read
June 19

Manage Files in Google Cloud Storage With Python

Manage files in your Google Cloud Storage bucket using the google-cloud-storage Python library.
Google Cloud
6 min read
June 18

Working with PySpark RDDs

Working with Spark's original data structure API: Resilient Distributed Datasets.
8 min read
June 07

PowerPivot 3: Managing the Data Model

Analyzing ginormous files with Microsoft PowerPivot.
5 min read
June 06

Manage Data Pipelines with Apache Airflow

Use Apache Airflow to build and monitor better data pipelines.
13 min read
June 03