We're a non-profit aiming to democratize knowledge in Data Science and Software Engineering. Thousands of developers worldwide rely on us every day to empower themselves with industry skills in a manner that is accessible, enjoyable, and free.

Our global community is militantly open-source in both creation and collaboration, resembling a human-driven antithesis to 600-dollar bootcamps, paywalls, and barriers-to-entry, which collectively hold the growth of the technology industry in a stranglehold. Hackers and Slackers is a collective of humans serving humans... so that we may perhaps one day build robots.

We’re all students and teachers of data-for-good. We code as a means to an end. Some of us aren’t even developers, but we like to blow stuff up and make an impact. If we get to pick up a few programming languages in the process, that’s pretty rad too.

If you're somebody who likes to learn (and be casually badass), maybe you should join us.