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World renowned DJ who got his start from being famous on the internet. Averages 3 headshots per second in daily life and pays for all and essentials in bitcoin.

Weekend Worker #2 - Cert Renewals

Renewing LetsEncrypt Certs with Certbot

It's Sunday and you know what that means... time to catch up on work outside of work.

I recently used LetsEncrypt for the awesome temporary free SSL Certs they offer. In the last use I became familiar with and implemented the use of certbot.

I did not go so far as to automate certbot to check for and update near-expiring certs. But this is coming up soon...

However, it's come time to renew so I've had to reteach myself how

DevOps Author imageRyan Rosado July 08

Weekend Worker #1

Implementing an automatic backup system

Hello and Welcome, this is the first installment of "Weekend Worker" series.

Today as a Weekend Worker i'll be implementing an automatic backup system to backup each individual client website.

We'll be using the following technologies:

  • Linux cron job
  • Bash
  • Ansible
  • Docker
  • VNC server

And we'll setup our dev environment on our home Windows desktop with the following tools:

  • Ansible for Windows (to launch dev tests)
  • Visual Studio Code (for editing and pushing updates)
  • Git (so
DevOps Author imageRyan Rosado June 24

Intro to my stories

Don't call it a comeback


This is an intro to what you can come to expect from me as an editor. I will post updates here on the latest technology I've implemented either for myself or clientele.


Author imageRyan Rosado June 24