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Using PyMySQL

MySQL with Python

It's almost Friday night, and the squad at H+S is ready to get cooking. Dim down the lights and slip into something more comfortable as we take you on this 100% organic flavor extravaganza. Tonight's menu? A Python MySQL library: PyMySQL.

PyMySQL is lightweight and perfect for fulfilling MySQL queries. If you want bells and whistles, you're probably barking up the wrong tree (and you probably should’ve used a DB other than MySQL in the first place).


Python Author imageTodd Birchard June 15

Setting up MySQL on AWS

MySQL pt 3

Last time we became familiar with the handiwork of setting up MySQL locally, navigating databases via command line, and exposing your database to external access. While badass, it has come to my attention that most people don't bother doing things this way. Unless you're getting deep into some heavy architecture, most people opt to use cloud services such as AWS to set up databases which are intended to be interacted with by multiple services.

A perfect example is one we

MySQL Author imageTodd Birchard April 30

Accessing MySQL Externally

MySQL pt 2

In the previous post we got familiar with the basics of creating and navigating MySQL databases. Now we'll look into how to open a database up to be modified from another domain.

As you already know, doing anything across domains is kind of a pain in the ass the first time around. This typically means making configuration changes to the service or webserver you're running which is attempting to stop you from doing exactly what you're doing: making your server

MySQL Author imageTodd Birchard April 22

Setting up a MySQL Database

MySQL pt 1

As frameworks evolve and our tools remove us further and further away from boilerplate code, the intricacies of setting up and interacting with databases has become mostly a casualty. This may be for good reason, as I can't imagine why anybody would become adept at the one-off processes behind creating or interacting with a data environment.

Look, I'm not exactly an expert at setting up databases. Chances are a lot of us aren't considering we have plenty of tools to

DevOps Author imageTodd Birchard April 17