When we find a topic we hold true to our hearts, we'll occasionally cling long enough to produce a series. These publications cover topics from start to finish, just enough to arm readers with enough to be dangerous. We may not be a 500 dollar online bootcamp, but we do explain things like human beings, and occasionally even drop the F bomb. Trust us, it's way more fun (and perhaps effective) to stick to something this way.

Adventures in Excel

Excel secrets and magic. The kind of industry knowledge that could put financial analysts out of business.

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Python Code Snippet Corner

Your weekly dose of Python tidbits and Jupyter notebooks to get you feeling saucy.

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Building Flask Apps

Python’s most popular framework. Use Flask to create applications ranging from APIs to MVC applications. Learn routing, databases, user management, etc.

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Data Analysis with Pandas

Manipulate and analyze datasets with Pandas: Python's iconic data library. Use Pandas to perform SQL-like operations on tabular data in memory.

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The Rise of Google Cloud

Build robust serverless architecture on Google Cloud Platform. Learn through tutorials, make comparisons, and hear opinions on GCP as a whole.

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Learning Apache Spark

Utilize Apache Spark to build speedy data pipelines. Interact with your Spark cluster using PySpark, and get started using Databricks' notebook interface.

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Create a REST API in AWS

Create a REST API in AWS by combining microservices such as Lambda Functions, RDS, and API Gateway.

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Working with MySQL

Learn about MySQL database configuration, the query language, and cloud hosted instances.

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Learn GraphQL syntax and see the reasons why the future of APIs is here to stay. We walk through everything from server/client setup to intricate tricks.

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Hacking Tableau Server

Break free from the constraints of the TSM CLI to bend Tableau Server to your will. Uncover Superadmin privileges, or even rewire Tableau to handle ETL.

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MongoDB Cloud

All you need to know about MongoDB’s official cloud offering. Dive into MongoDB Atlas, or the architecture & microservices provided by MongoDB Stitch.

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Welcome to SQL

If you feel like you’re late to the data party, we all are. The party has been going strong since the 70s: brush up on SQL syntax the old-fashioned way.

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