Hackers and Slackers

Hacking Tableau Server

Break free from the TSM CLI to bend Tableau Server to your will. Uncover Superadmin privileges and rewire Tableau to handle ETL.

Hacking Tableau to Handle ETL Workflows

Weaponizing APIs against tyrannical software

Before we get into the specifics of how to sadistically abuse Tableau, let's clear the air: there's something about inaccessible, expensive, proprietary enterprise software that tends to put me in a touchy mood. As we know, B2B software pricing has

Tableau Author imageTodd Birchard Author imagetodd Aug 03

Hacking Your Tableau Linux Server

Cracking Tableau's master Postgres account

Let's say you're a Data Scientist. Well maybe not a data scientist... I mean, those online data analysis courses were definitely worth it, and you'd made it this far without being quizzed on Bayesian linear regression. So maybe you're analyst

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