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Data Engineering

The systematic collection and transformation of data via the creation of tools and pipelines.

Scraping Data on the Web with BeautifulSoup

The honest act of robotically stealing data

There are plenty of reliable and open sources of data on the web. Datasets are freely released to the public domain by the likes of Kaggle, Google Cloud, and of course local & federal government. Like most things free and

Python Author imageTodd Birchard Author imagetodd Nov 11

Create a REST API Endpoint Using AWS Lambda

Use Python and MySQL to Build an Endpoint

Now that you know your way around API Gateway, you have the power to create vast collections of endpoints. If only we could get those endpoints to actually receive and return some stuff.

We'll create a GET function which will

AWS Author imageTodd Birchard Author imagetodd Oct 29

Extract Nested Data From Complex JSON

Steal our code and never manually walk through JSON objects again

We're all data people here, so you already know the scenario: it happens perhaps once a day, perhaps 5, or even more. There's an API you're working with, and it's great. It contains all the information you're looking for, but

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Reading and Writing to CSVs in Python

Playing with tabular data the native Python way.

Tables. Cells. Two-dimensional data. We here at Hackers & Slackers know how to talk dirty, but there's one word we'll be missing from our vocabulary today: Pandas.Before the remaining audience closes their browser windows in fury, hear me out.

Python Author imageTodd Birchard Author imagetodd Sep 27

MongoDB Stitch Serverless Functions

A crash course in Mongo's undocumented cloud offering.

I've been finding my opinion of MongoDB Atlas and MongoDB Stitch wavering between two extremes lately. Sometimes I find ease of querying a cloud Database securely on the front-end to be a refreshing pleasure. Other times, such as when Mongo

NoSQL Author imageTodd Birchard Author imagetodd Aug 07

Using MongoDB Atlas as your Flask Database

Since you prefer using Python and Flask, I’ll assume we both prefer enjoyable dev.

It's been roughly a year since MongoDB launched their Stitch "back-end as a service" product, and I've been tinkering with Mongo on the cloud ever since. Alright fine,  "tinkering with" may better be described as  "accidentally became dependent on it

Flask Author imageTodd Birchard Author imagetodd Jul 31

Hacking Your Tableau Linux Server

Cracking Tableau's master Postgres account

Let's say you're a Data Scientist. Well maybe not a data scientist... I mean, those online data analysis courses were definitely worth it, and you'd made it this far without being quizzed on Bayesian linear regression. So maybe you're analyst

Tableau Author imageTodd Birchard Author imagetodd Jul 26

Using Pandas with AWS Lambda Functions

Forcefully use the Pandas library in your AWS Lambda functions

In one corner we have Pandas: Python's beloved data analysis library. In the other, AWS: the unstoppable cloud provider we're obligated to use for all eternity. We should have know this day would come.

While not the prettiest workflow, uploaded

AWS Author imageTodd Birchard Author imagetodd Jun 21

Working with XML tree data in Python

Make use of Python's native XML library to walk through and extract data

Life is filled with things we don't want to do; you're a developer so you probably understand this to a higher degree than most people. Sometimes we waste weeks of our lives thanks to an unreasonable and unknowledgeable stakeholder. Other

Python Author imageTodd Birchard Author imagetodd Jun 19