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Extract data from APIs, or explore ways to build your own APIs from scratch.

Extract Nested Data From Complex JSON

Steal our code and never manually walk through JSON objects again

We're all data people here, so you already know the scenario: it happens perhaps once a day, perhaps 5, or even more. There's an API you're working with, and it's great. It contains all the information you're looking for, but

Python Author imageTodd Birchard Author imagetodd Oct 10

Hacking Tableau to Handle ETL Workflows

Weaponizing APIs against tyrannical software

Before we get into the specifics of how to sadistically abuse Tableau, let's clear the air: there's something about inaccessible, expensive, proprietary enterprise software that tends to put me in a touchy mood. As we know, B2B software pricing has

Tableau Author imageTodd Birchard Author imagetodd Aug 03

Extract Massive Amounts of Data from APIs in Python

Abusing APIs for all they’re worth

Taxation without representation. Colonialism. Not letting people eat cake. Human beings rightfully meet atrocities with action in an effort to change the worked for the better. Cruelty by mankind justifies revolution, and it is this writer's opinion that API limitations

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Working with XML tree data in Python

Make use of Python's native XML library to walk through and extract data

Life is filled with things we don't want to do; you're a developer so you probably understand this to a higher degree than most people. Sometimes we waste weeks of our lives thanks to an unreasonable and unknowledgeable stakeholder. Other

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Preparing your AWS Project to Build an API

Using AWS API Gateway to create serverless APIs

There comes a surreal moment in nearly every profession in which perspective is violently forced into our own self-awareness. People with cooler jobs probably have that moment when they save their first patient, or launch their first rocket. For me,

APIs Author imageTodd Birchard Author imagetodd May 06

Python's Requests Library for APIs

Get familiar with what might become your most used Python library

Last episode we taught you how to make GET requests using Ajax, where you learned to store and pass private keys on the client side like an idiot. Today we'll do the equivalent in Python by using the requests library

Python Author imageTodd Birchard Author imagetodd May 01