HungaBunga: Brute-Force all sklearn models with all parameters using .fit .predict! - ypeleg/HungaBunga
❗️WIP❗️An open access book on scientific visualization using python and matplotlib - rougier/scientific-visualization-book
How LinkedIn, Uber, Lyft, Airbnb and Netflix are Solving Data Management and Discovery for Machine Learning Solutions - KDnuggets
As machine learning evolves, the need for tools and platforms that automate the lifecycle management of training and testing datasets is becoming increasingly important. Fast growing technology companies like Uber or LinkedIn have been forced to build their own in-house data lifecycle management sol…
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Pycopy - a minimalist and memory-efficient Python implementation for constrained systems, microcontrollers, and just everything. - pfalcon/pycopy
Double Q reinforcement learning in TensorFlow 2