Researchers demonstrate all-optical neural network for deep learning
Even the most powerful computers are still no match for the human brain when it comes to pattern recognition, risk management, and other similarly complex tasks. Recent advances in optical neural networks, however, are closing that gap by simulating the way neurons respond in the human brain.
Domain-Specific Language Processing Mines Value From Unstructured Data - KDnuggets
Processing unstructured text data in real-time is challenging when applying NLP or NLU. Find out how Domain-Specific Language Processing can also help mine valuable information from data by following your guidance and using the language of your business.
Kafka Streams, the Clojure way · Clojure Conundrums
A guide to using Kafka Streams in Clojure, using Jackdaw and Willa
Climate Change Is Already Increasing Turbulence on Flights, Study Shows
Turkish Airlines Flight 1 had just 45 minutes left in its eight-hour-plus journey from Istanbul to New York on March 10, when the Boeing 777 suddenly shook violently and plunged, injuring passengers and members of the flight crew.
A new kind of Progress Bar, with real-time throughput, eta and very cool animations! - rsalmei/alive-progress
Amazon Workers Strike Outside Eagan, Minnesota, Delivery Station
Amazon is well known for its sprawling Fulfillment Centers and the lackluster working conditions therein, but just as important to its logistics operations are its delivery hubs—smaller, and often staffed heavily with part-time workers. Likely emboldened by the flurry of labor actions at the infamou…